1. Senior Pastors

Tani Omideyi

Dr Tani Omideyi has been a director of Together For Harvest (local Evangelical network) since 1997. He is currently an Ecumenical Canon at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Tani also become the first ethnic minority chair of the Evangelical Alliance board.    

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Modupe Omideyi

Dr Modupe Omideyi was previously a rector and CEO within LJMAoC. She has worked in a variety of fields, including education and project direction. She is currently Chair of Lighthouse Harmonize Education Trust.

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2. Pastors

Mike Wilhelm

Pastor Mike along with his team manages  the church finances.  He is also a Community Care Group pastor.

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Helen Hawley

Pastor Helen heads TOP’s Pastoral Care Groups and is a board member of both LJM and Liverpool Lighthouse LTD. By profession, she is a Clinical Physiologist and coordinates special church-based events for those working in healthcare settings.

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Henry Keesz

I oversee the Multimedia Team which involves training and encouraging members to be involved in  audio and visuals.  From time to time you will see me at the front of the church as a Celebration Minister.

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Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie is a retired teacher and leads the TOP Kids and Pulse ministries which also involves TOP String Orchestra.  She is supported by a team of committed people who are always ready to serve!  She is also a Community Care Group pastor.  Stephanie is married with two adult children and in her spare time is […]

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Moses Uba

Deacon Moses is an electrical engineer by training and a business man by profession. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, a prolific worship leader and a seasoned preacher. He is happily married and blessed with 4 beautiful children.

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Liz Wilhelm

Liz manages the Finance Ministry.  She also leads the prayer team and supports the Temple Workers in looking after the church.

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Elsie Hogan Edem

Deacon Elsie oversees the Welcome Ministry (or as we call ourselves – the Gate Keepers.)  She also supports one of the Pastoral Care Groups at TOP.  By day, Elsie works as a Community Pharmacist.   She has an adult child.

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Matthew Ekun

I was born in Nigeria to Christian parents. Whilst at primary school I was a member of the scripture union and in secondary school O was a non active member of the union Was called by the Lord into the science of care in 1980 and migrated to the United Kingdom to advance my career. […]

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Peter Hawley

Peter is a talented musician, songwriter and inspirational worship leader.  He leads the Worship and Music Ministry and has been a key member of Love and Joy Gospel Choir for over 30 years.  In that time he has written many songs and recorded his own album.

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Alfie Levene

Alfie leads the evangelism team with a passion to make the Lord Jesus known through local and international community outreach events.  She is also responsible for organising mission trips abroad.

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Vincent Murphy

Hi I am a bit of a technical person and a bit of a ‘Mr Fix It.’  I am mainly  involved with technical repairs at TOP and part of the Media Team. I love creativity. I love photography.  I love to sing.  I  enjoy learning new things.

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Susan Tay

I support Pastor Modupe in equipping the whole church Bible study events.  I manage a   library of resources that any member of the church can use.  The Equipping Team is all about developing the church family spiritually.  We are integral in supporting the Discipling Triplets with resources.  We have a small gift shop where you […]

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Anna Hawley

I lead the Young Adult Pastoral Care Group and I am a member of the worship ministry team.  I love my job as a primary school teacher and in my spare time I love to travel, spend quality time with my friends and family and I am learning to play the guitar!

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