Pastoral Care Groups

The ministry of caring in the Church belongs to the whole Body and not to any one person or group of people – it is the privilege and responsibility of every member of the Body of Christ. 

The Pastoral Care Groups are an important part of church life.  Every member of the church is placed in a Pastoral Care Group.   This is the place where you will receive ongoing support and care through the relationships that you develop with the leaders and other people in your group.  At the moment there are currently 8 PCGs  (5 women’s groups, 2 men’s groups and one for Young Adults)

Recent activities our groups have enjoyed have been baby showers, football, table tennis  praying together, cook and bring and outings together

At TOP we say it’s a place where faces become friends! 

If you don’t know which group you belong to please see Pastor Helen.

"Love one another. As I have loved you". Jesus