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TOP Worker’s Meal

On the 23rd of February some of TOP Workers came together for fellowship after a full year of service in the house of the Lord.  There was an inspiring message, worship, amazing food and lots of fun and laughter.  Thanks to the organisers: Pastors, Deacons, Farida, Caterers and everyone who put hands together for the […]

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Poem by Sr Kate – Achieve Your Dream

If God only used perfect people, His work would never get done. When all in your life seems just discord Put your faith and trust in the Lord.   We all have times when we struggle, Past mistakes which we cannot undo. Remember, when you feel in a muddle, The Lord has a plan just […]

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My thoughts about Returning To Our First Love

The words that touched me about returning to our first love sermon was:  Love is active, Love gives love, Love is forgiving, even when forgiving someone feels undeserved or impossible.  It’s important as Christian to be cautious of the power of the tongue and not hold onto someone’s blessings.  I have made a decision to […]

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Joshua Bible Study Reflection

I always find our times of study refreshing and inspiring.  Through the book of Joshua God has been speaking to us about how he prepares us as overcomers.   At many times we see God equipping Joshua for the challenges he would face, sometimes long before Joshua was aware of them himself.  We read that God […]

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Returning To Our First Love

If we are to maintain our love for God and for each other, we should be aware of the things that damages love such as: Love for the world Worries and Anxiety Reliance on self rather than on God The devil attacking our love for God Complacency (loosing focus) In John 21, Jesus asked the […]

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‘Celebrating 20 Years’ in Youth Ministry

During the past twenty years on I have had the honour of working with young people all across the country (Melksham, Darlington, Lancaster, Sanderstead, Market Harborough, Liverpool & Bolton). And I have been involved in the setting up of youth projects/cafes in most of these areas. I have been blessed on that journey to work […]

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