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Overcoming in Health

“ Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God and applying it in our lives”.  I was diagnosed with something that caused problems to my health. I was told by doctors that if I didn’t do something it, it would lead to premature death. I was scared as my mother died when […]

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Facing The Storm

“We are overcomers in Jesus name. I had a challenging week and I reminded myself that I am an overcomer. As God’s children we face storms, we have to look at them and take them as our stepping stones. Focusing at the storm doesn’t change it to be something else instead it will make it […]

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We are Overcomers!

To live as overcomers we have to stay true to our identity in Christ. We have to remain in his love, believing in him, loving him and loving one another as he has commanded – John 15v9-10, 1John 3v21-24. Revelation 2v1-7 is the message from the ascended and glorified Lord Jesus to the church in […]

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