Our Values

If you imagine ‘Beliefs’ as the foundation of a house, then the values will be the pillars around which the building is constructed. What characterises church congregations is not often the beliefs but the values developed throughout their development. It is important that those wishing to join TOP take some time to understand our key values.

  • Every person is unique, loved and cared for by God and so deserves to experience God’s love
  • God’s love is preached through both words and practical deeds of kindness
  • Everyone has something to contribute to the development of others
  • The biblical model of the family unit with all its values remains the ideal foundation for a functioning and effective community.
  • Everyone is able to and should give according to the level of his means – giving is as important as receiving.
  • Undergirding qualities are Humility, Integrity and Fortitude.
  • We achieve more through working with others.
  • Ideal service is never for selfish gain or personal advancement.