Love & Joy Gospel Choir

Temple of Praise is the home of the well known ‘Love& Joy Gospel Choir’ whom you may have seen on various TV platforms or heard on national radio such as BBC Radio 4. We are also featured in a new BBC Learning series for primary schools ‘My Life, My Religion’ which can be accessed by clicking here

The choir have also been actively involved with the Hillsborough events, some of the events are available here

One of the best ways to get an insight into what goes on in our church is to see it for yourself. We hope you will do this by joining us one Sunday but if that’s not possible or if you just can’t wait until then you can check out the video below which just about sums us up.

‘We are One’ Words Jimmy and Carol Owens, Music Tani Omideyi, performed by Love and Joy Gospel Choir Copyright Majesty Music.

Love and Joy Gospel Choir