TOP is committed to sharing its experiences with other Churches and ministries across the world through its International arm. Our work abroad includes mission trips, expertise support, evangelistic crusades, training and envisioning seminars for leaders.

Canaan Church

Canaan Church is based in Tottenham North London, and led by Pastor Christie Omideyi. It has a transformational arm OK Foundation, its second charity.

Divine Love Church

Led by Pastor Alex Divine Love is based in Leeds.

New Hope Christian Ministries

New Hope is based in Stoke Newington North London, led by Pastor Abigail Olaleye following the sudden untimely death of Pastor Segun Olaleye.

TOP Pakistan

In 2010, we launched a new Church Congregation in Lahore Pakistan under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor Yousaf. It began to grow very well over the next 3 years. Unfortunately as a result of serious religious persecution, Pastor Yousaf and his family have had to flee from their home in Pakistan to another Country where they are now seeking asylum. The young congregation of at least 150 people have now scattered. We continue to pray for Pastor Yousaf and his family.

Word of Grace

Word of Grace has been part of Love and Joy Ministries for over 35 years.  It started as a church in Bradford and is now based in Leeds.  They run a Bible Academy part of their School of Leadership where Christians can study the Bible in detail.  Their community activities are thriving and they run a number of community educational programmes for school children, young people and adults.  They also offer lessons in the Performing Arts.  They hold regular gospel and mission meetings as well as a Sunday Community Service at 11am.



Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.