Jesus In My Home(JIMH)

The Christian life is meant to be lived in community, not as individuals on our own. Our small groups, known as Jesus in My Home (JIMH), provide the opportunity for people to:

· Build relationships.
· Support, disciple and pray for each other.
· Experience Christ’s presence.
· See him answer prayers as they agree together, according to his promise in Matthew 18:19.

A JIMH group is formed when two or three individuals or families decide to come together to form one.

To get involved:
· Give Dc Susan your name so she can pass it round to others looking to get into JIMH, or to enlarge their existing group.
· Make a direct approach to individuals you feel you can relate to; they may already be in a JIMH group.
Getting involved in a ministry area will give you a greater opportunity to get to know people you can get into a group with.