LJM Transform Internship

What is it?

Are you aged 18-35? Do you feel a strong call of God upon your life to serve Him? Are you passionate about the world and want to make a difference? Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your passions and gain valuable skills and experiences in your areas of interest?

Look no further, we’ve got the platform for you.  The LJM Transform is a Christian gap year programme for young adults aged 18-30, introduced by Love and Joy Ministries.   It is our desire to see young leaders envisioned and equipped for leadership, mission and community transformation.

This programme will provide you with many opportunities to develop in faith, knowledge and experiences as you continue to discover and develop in your giftings and calling.

Core Elements:


During your placement, you will receive introductory and developmental teaching on a variety of themes including Who are Love and Joy Ministries? Christ’s Kingdom Agenda, Steps to Community Transformation, Biblical Leadership, Personal Discipleship, Skills and Development, Christianity and Culture and Preparation for Mission.

Community Placement

An integral part of your year will be engaging in one of our many transformational community-based projects. Whether it’s becoming involved in Harmonize Academy, an Alternative Provision Free School, engaging in the various projects within Liverpool Lighthouse, the UK’s first Urban gospel music arts centre, or helping to develop Bright Park, a community heritage venture, to further engage the community. These placements are designed to be a practical application of your giftings and the teaching you will receive throughout the course.

Ministry Placement

We will encourage you to attend Temple of Praise, Liverpool, which is the church at the heart of the ministries. Temple of praise is a lively, multi-cultural church based in Anfield. You will have the opportunity to become involved and serve in an area of your choice which reflects your personal interests and giftings. These areas may include Worship, Multi-media, Choir, Evangelism and Prayer, Children, Youth and Hospitality.


As a ministry, we are passionate about interacting and engaging with communities with the purpose of sharing the love of God and making a difference. Throughout your placement year, you will have several opportunities to engage in local and international mission, either through outreach in the surrounding area or by visiting one of our many covenant churches in the UK, Ireland, Africa and Asia.



The internship will begin in January 2019 and will run for 6 to 12 months.


Please contact us to discuss further

How to apply?

To apply visit for more information contact You can also check out facebook @LJMTransform.