New Gen

Who are we?

We call ourselves New Generation (New Gen) because we want to be a new generation rising up with boldness, hope, love and faith as we live out our lives in all its fullness where we work, rest and play.

New Gen is the overarching name which covers ages 4-25 in 3 distinct groupings:

TOP Kids: Keys stages 1 and 2

Pulse: Key Stage 3 which we call Pulse and those

Young Adults: 17 – 25 who are our Young Adults.

 What do we believe?

Our vision is the same as Temple of Praise.  We want to see our young people developing in their intimacy with God within a loving church family, whilst equipping them to transform communities.

When do we meet?

We meet once a month on Fridays for our youth evening which we call Ignite.  Some activities have been sports, crafts and games, Crochet Corner where the things we have made raise funds for young people in other countries, Green Fingers Gardening and a disco. We eat together, play together and then discuss how God speaks to us through the Bible.  Jesus promises the Holy Spirit and we actively encourage all our children and young people to use the gifting and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We also meet on Sundays where after the worship we leave to be in our groups.  Once a month we meet online in our Digging Deeper sessions for young people who want to understand the Bible more.  On the Second Sunday of the month Pulse and Young Adults take over the main service which is followed by TOP Kids service.

How do I join?

Contact Pastor Stephanie on and she will send you a link to a registration form for you to complete.  You will then meet with some of the ministry team informally via Zoom.  Your child or young person will be invited to their group and matched with a ‘Buddy’ for a few weeks.  You will also be sent parental information and a what’s on newsletter.


Temple of Praise is committed to safeguarding and seeks to ensure a safe environment for all who worship with us and take part in our services and activities. The Youth Ministry Team who manages New Gen all carry a current DBS and have extensive experience with children and young people. For more information about our safeguarding policies and procedures get in touch at ………….