On this page you will find excerpts of TOP Times, our church newsletter.  Make sure you pick up your copy when you are in church to read the full stories and get more information.

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TOP Times

TOP Mens’ activity

Time to sweat it out again on 25th Wednesday at 8pm; so come along and invite a friend. Venue: Anfield Community Sports Centre, Lower Breck Road, L6 0AG. Hope to see you there!!   Hits: 2

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TOP temporary home for Sunday celebration

As the roof work will commence soon; our temporary home for Sunday celebration at 11am, starting this week (29th April 2018) will be at St Vincent’s School, Yew Tree Lane, L12 9JD. The minibus will be available from Liverpool Lighthouse at 10am and return after service. We are still raising funds towards this crucial work, so if you would like to make a donation […]

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Lets take Anfield for Jesus this Easter Period! We would really like for everybody to come on board with this, its only 1 hr slots. Below are all the dates.   Hits: 10

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Returning To Our First Love

If we are to maintain our love for God and for each other, we should be aware of the things that damages love such as: Love for the world Worries and Anxiety Reliance on self rather than on God The devil attacking our love for God Complacency (loosing focus) In John 21, Jesus asked the […]

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‘Celebrating 20 Years’ in Youth Ministry

During the past twenty years on I have had the honour of working with young people all across the country (Melksham, Darlington, Lancaster, Sanderstead, Market Harborough, Liverpool & Bolton). And I have been involved in the setting up of youth projects/cafes in most of these areas. I have been blessed on that journey to work […]

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We have a Resource Library

Just to remind you TOP has an excellent resource library full of books and resources for all ages.  Just ask any member of the Equipping Team on how you can access it. Hits: 14

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Overcoming in Health

“ Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God and applying it in our lives”.  I was diagnosed with something that caused problems to my health. I was told by doctors that if I didn’t do something it, it would lead to premature death. I was scared as my mother died when […]

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