TOP Kids

Kids are an exciting part of our church.  You can’t miss them!  On a Sunday morning they are dancing, waving flags and generally enjoying fellowship and worship!   The children go out halfway through the service and parents only collect them from TOP Kids room at 1pm.

We have two classes Sunbeams (KS1) and Transformers (KS2) We follow a great curriculum which focuses on the importance of learning Biblical truths, having fun and making memorable crafts to further embed their learning.   We also put great emphasis on applying what we learn through circle time discussions and prayer.

We meet most weeks but never on the 1st and 5th Sundays of any month.  During the summer holidays we do not meet instead we have ‘Arts Days’ where those that book a place spend the whole day in fellowship, fun and enjoying The Arts.

Once children are in Year 6 they are invited to meet regularly with Pulse as this helps create a smooth transition into the youth group once they are in Year 7.

TOP String Orchestra

TOP strings

Most of the children in TOP Kids have lessons on the violin and are members of our string orchestra.  If you would like your child to learn please let a member of the TOP Kids’ staff know.


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