‘Celebrating 20 Years’ in Youth Ministry

During the past twenty years on I have had the honour of working with young people all across the country (Melksham, Darlington, Lancaster, Sanderstead, Market Harborough, Liverpool & Bolton). And I have been involved in the setting up of youth projects/cafes in most of these areas. I have been blessed on that journey to work with and get to know thousands of amazing young people (and some not so young), and now in my role as CEO of the Sycamore Project (a Christian charity running Zac’s youth bars in Bolton – the 2nd biggest provider of youth provision in the area – supporting 1400+ young people each year) I may not be working directly with young people on a regular basis, but God is continuing using me to make a difference in ways I would not be able to do without Him.  I look forward to thanking God for all of this on Saturday March 10th, and hope you may consider joining me.

Matt Moreton

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