Gambia Little Diamonds Mission 2019

A mission trip that will make a positive difference to Orphans, Street kids and disadvantaged children in Gambia


The mission trip will focus on reaching the most disadvantaged children, street kids and orphans, basically, those who have no one to care for them. The mission trip aims to engage with many of these children as possible through various fun outreach activities, providing a Safe Haven where the children can come and have nutritious meals, safe drinking water, and at the end of the day have somewhere warm and safe to sleep. They will receive minor medical health care and trauma support. Through this we want these children to know that they are loved by God, and they are very special to Him and that they matter.

Our hope is that working together with Gambia’s Ministry¬†of Health and social welfare plus local orphanages we will link the children up to receive continual support once the mission trip is over.

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