Returning To Our First Love

If we are to maintain our love for God and for each other, we should be aware of the things that damages love such as:

  • Love for the world
  • Worries and Anxiety
  • Reliance on self rather than on God
  • The devil attacking our love for God
  • Complacency (loosing focus)

In John 21, Jesus asked the question “Do you love me more than this?” 3 times!  Of course we all know that John loves God as he has demonstrated by leaving everything including his family and business and all to follow Christ, yet it would seem that other things took priority in his life and at that time Jesus confronted him with this important question.   The responsibility according to Jesus is to feed his lambs and to take care of his sheep and feed his sheep.   This is love in action, to feed each other physically and spiritually, take care of each other (protecting, defending, making sure no one lacks).   As we practice all these among ourselves and with those that God brings along our paths, our love of God will be evident to everyone.   Put God first and you will never be the last.  Pastor Mike

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